I am a versatile artist not tied down to a single medium. In my practice, I find being an artist to be more like that of a researcher or scientist. I discover, interpret, and regurgitate information I deem interesting and relevant to my life experiences. During these processes I find the appropriate medium for that idea and use that inspiration to direct my hand. It is important to me to be open to possibilities so that the direction I place the audience in is only that and can be just the beginning of a path.

I received my Master's of Fine Arts degree from Virginia Commonwealth University in the Crafts/Material Studies program. I studied sculptural woodworking and focused on installation based sculpture. Before that I studied at University of Southern Indiana in general studio art.

An integral part of my art making has been moving to various places in the United States. All these experiences led me back to Richmond Virginia where I currently reside working at VCU School of the Arts in the Kinetic Imaging department.