Cognizant is a conceptual sonic experience much like a lucid dream connecting similar and unrelated elements in a linear motion. Arise from an ambient surface, grasping on to familiar sounds to echolocate yourself, only to find you are lost in an unfamiliar territory.  The audience is meant to travel along with each track, metaphorically or physically finding their place inside of the journey. By the end of the album hopefully cognizance is discovered in beautiful melodies and jaring textural chaos. 
The album is a collection of musical and soundscape compositions utilizing instrumentation, lo-fi and high quality samples. I focus on the imperfections of recordings as much as the crafted rhythms and melodies. Samples are collected from various methods using equipment not always practical or purposeful. I think of sound as a material to be manipulated painstakingly and appreciated in its rudimentary recorded form.

artwork by Nathan Tergsteeg
Inescapable is a  installation that was a combination of technology that I have collected over the last 15 years. The composition of equipment generated a humming noise along with a rise in temperature in the gallery space creating an unsettling feeling as the viewer walked through the space. Imagery and soundscape was a created and found, creating a chaotic conglomeration of media overwhelming the senses. 
            Technology from the last 40 years comes together as a sculptural Installation at the Anderson Gallery from 1/26-2/4 2018. slide projectors, tv monitors, stereo receivers, iPods, computers, air organ, digital projection& VHS video camcorder