My artistic practice is the exploration of creative intuition through traditional and electronic media. I try and tame a wild mind filled with ideas racing from one topic to another, feeling, hearing, interpreting the world around me. I do this using sound and abstracted video. I capture moments digitally, synthesize and reconstitute these fragments into compositions of soundscapes, videos, installations and live performance. Video and audio synthesizers are the tools I use, much like a paint brush or chisel, to sculpt this virtual materials into patterns, shape, line, texture, and color. I process the sound and video information through electronics that I have purchased or that I have customized their circuitry from its original intent to create a unique tool for randomization or chance. Content that is processed is captured from experiences that I have had. The results create rich visual and sonic compositions that in certain circumstances are processed again using computer programs. This is the media form of expressionism and impressionism and it provides freedom to explore an endless land/soundscape of possibilities.

I have a foundation in sculptural woodworking installation and my current practice explores immersive sound and video installation. I went to the University of Southern Indiana, making sculptural furniture and on to graduate school at Virginia Commonwealth University investigating installation art.  I work full-time in the Kinetic Imaging department at VCUarts as equipment and facilities manager and teach all levels of sound and video courses. I enjoy time with my family, hiking in the outdoors,  loud and quietness. I am an active artist and run a community meetup group called Synth Club RVA, dedicated to the process of making synthesized noises and videos.

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